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Courses and Events 2014

Old Sleningford offers a superb venue for courses and events. Its quiet, rural location with facilities both inside and out makes it ideal for any activity to take place.

We run a varied programme of courses and events throughout the year, our programme includes:
-Bent Willow Chair Making
-Basket Making, Pig Keeping
-Forest Gardening
-Sausage Making
-Curing and Smoking Food
-Hedgerow Foods and Medicines and more.

See below for the course dates arranged at the moment. Join our mailing list and we will keep you up to date with any new courses and dates that are arranged.

If you would like to use the facilities at Old Sleningford Farm to run a course then please contact us to discuss further.

We have a workday on the first Sunday of every month, see below for details of dates and times. We have a range of jobs for each workday which will suit all ages and abilities and we will advertise the likely jobs for each workday where we can. Please contact us  if you would like to know more.

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SAM_4004 2.jpg

Basket Making - Sunday 10th May 2015

Jo from Abundant Earth will be at the farm once again to run her popular basket making course. Using willow grown at our and Jo's farm you will learn how to make a beautiful and sturdy frame basket.

10am to 4pm

£50 per person includes lunch and all materials.

Please use the contact form for more information and a booking form

SAM_3235 2.jpg

May 2015 Workday

We will not be having a workday in May this year




IMG_3376 2.jpg

Pig Keeping - Saturday 23rd May 2015

Spend a day with the pigs at Old Sleningford and learn how to keep them healthy and happy. We will go through the equipment needed, daily jobs, unexpected occurrences, breeds and the end product. This course is for anyone who thinks they might like to keep pigs but would like information to give them confidence to make the right decision. 

10am to 4pm

£50 per person including lunch and refreshments

Please use the contact form to request further information and a booking form

SAM_4832 2.jpg

Open Gardens - Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st May 2015

The Forest Garden and the formal gardens at Old Sleningford will be open this weekend as part of the National Garden Scheme Gardens Open for Charity. Wander through the woodland, Victorian walled garden and the wildness of our Forest Garden. Opening times and cost TBC. Refreshments available, garden stalls and Old Sleningford Preserves on site too.

SAM_4318 2.jpg

Workday - Sunday 7th June 2015

Come and join our workday, help out in the raised beds or Forest Garden and maybe learn something new.

10am to 4pmish - lunch provided for those who work

Please let us know if you are coming so we know how much lunch to make






SAM_2512 2.jpg

Workday - Sunday 5th July 2015

Providing the birds and mice haven't got them, we will be picking strawberries and gooseberries on our July workday. For those of you who prefer a sitting down job, hulling and topping and tailing will be your job!

10am to 4pm ish, lunch provided

Please let us know if you are joining us so we know how much lunch to make

Ross hedgerow2.jpg

Wild Medicine, Wild Food. Collecting and Connecting - Sunday 12th July 2015

Walking in nature and gathering medicines and foods is something our ancestors did for survival but also as a means of feeling and being connected to the natural world. There is no simpler and more powerful way to feel a sense of connection and belonging and it is just as powerful for us today.

This is a day of learning how to identify local ‘weeds’ and opening to their many healing and nourishing properties. We will journey into the wild and bring back many wonderful foods and medicines, for mind body and soul.

This day will give you the skills and confidence to identify herbs, gather them in a careful and respectful way and how to use or store them . We will make a whole range of wonderful remedies including tinctures, ointment, poultice decoction and infusion,  to treat many minor ailments as well as discovering how we can add wild food to our diet helping us to nourish ourselves more deeply.

Using wild plants can be a path towards healing on so many levels – do come along and enjoy!


All materials will be provided except jam jar and enough vodka to fill it for tincture making.


Ross Menzies is tutoring this course. He has been practicing and teaching herbal medicine for 15 years and runs a clinic in Hexham. He is passionate about helping people to develop confidence, practical skills and intuitive ability in their work with plants.


10am to 4pm


£50 per person, including lunch and refreshments


Please use the contact form  to request further information and a booking form




SAM_4946 2.jpg

Forest Gardening - Saturday 25th July 2015

A Forest Garden is a highly productive way of growing food and it creates a beautiful space too. July is the perfect time to appreciate the abundance it can provide.

This day will look at the plants, design, implementation and maintenance of a Forest Garden and will use our 10 year old Forest Garden as inspiration. Food from the garden will be tasted and if available, seeds and cuttings can be taken.

9.30am to 4.00pm

£50 per person, includes lunch and refreshments

Please use the contact form to request further information and a booking form

SAM_4892 2.jpg

Workday - Sunday 2nd August 2015

August workday has become our blackcurrant picking day, along with redcurrants, gooseberries and raspberries. Come along and help and dependent on harvest you could have some to take home too. Due to the nature of the forest garden, with overgrown areas, prickly bushes and some nettles, sandals and shorts are worn at your own risk!

10am to 4pm ish, lunch provided

Please let us know if you are coming so we know how much lunch to make


SAM_5182 2.jpg

Apple Juicing Open Days

Our annual Apple Juicing Open days will start at the end of August and end beginning of November. Dates will be announced nearer the time.










Workday - Sunday 6th September 2015

Another chance to come and help at the farm and possibly learn something new. Could be sorting out strawberry runners, harvesting, planting winter crops, maintenance in the forest garden - whatever needs doing at the time.

10am to 4pm ish, lunch provided

Please let us know if you are coming so we know how much soup and cake to make





SAM_5180 2.jpg

Workday - Sunday 4th October 2015

October workday is apple pressing, come and help get all our apples juiced. Please note, this is not a juicing open day.

10am to 4pm ish. Lunch provided

Please let us know if you are coming so we know how much soup and cake to make







Sausage Making and Curing and Smoking Courses


We will be running Sausage Making and a Curing and Smoking Food courses in November, dates TBC, If you are interested, please let us know and we'll be in touch when the dates are confirmed.

Art Courses at Old Slen Art

Juliet Ramsden has, for a number of years, organised a varied programme of art courses at the Stables Gallery at Old Sleningford Hall. See their website www.oldslen.co.uk for more details.