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Courses and Events 2014

Old Sleningford offers a superb venue for courses and events. Its quiet, rural location with facilities both inside and out makes it ideal for any activity to take place.

We run a varied programme of courses and events throughout the year, see below for the 2014 dates. There may be other courses added to the programme throughout the year. please use the contact form if you would like to be added to our mailing list and we will keep you up to date with any new courses and dates that are arranged.

If you would like to use the facilities at Old Sleningford Farm to run a course then please contact us to discuss further.

We have a workday on the first Sunday of every month, see below for details of dates and times. We have a range of jobs for each workday which will suit all ages and abilities and we will advertise the likely jobs for each workday where we can. Please contact us  if you would like to know more.

Rachel has set up a facebook page to bring up to date news of what's going on at the farm, including course information and photos of the adtivities taking place at the farm. Use the link below to be my friend.

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workday july 2013.jpg

Workday - Sunday 6th July 2014

PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL NOT BE A WORKDAY ON 6TH JULY due to the Tour de France coming near by and we will have a farm full of friends and family staying. Normal workdays resume in August.


Plant Spirit Picture small.jpg

Plant Spirit Medicine - Saturday 12th July 2014

Plants have always been revered for their healing properties. In many cultures (and historically in our own) healers have had very close relationships with their healing plants and have often described having a communication with them as part of a healing process. This course will help develop the skills needed to sense the more subtle qualities of plants and to work with them using their subtle energies to promote healing – physical, emotional and spiritual. We believe and have found that working with plants as living, evolved and complex beings, coming to them from a place of deep respect and reverence, allows a deeper healing to occur.

This day offers the opportunity to explore how we access sacred experience and how plants can be powerful allies on our path. During the day we will find our own plant ally to work with us at this unique stage of our life’s journey and will prepare an essence from our plant to take home.

10am to 4pm.

£50 per person including lunch

This course will be tutored by Ross Menzies and Katrina Padmore, more information about the tutors and their other courses can be found at The Herbal Clinic.

 Please contact us for more information and a booking form

Effortless meditation.jpg

Effortless Meditation - Sunday 13th July 2014

Another chance to experience Effortless Meditation at the farm, run by Jo Royle.

£80 per person, including lunch

See Effortless Jo  for more details and to book a place 




Preserving the Harvest - Saturday 19th July 2014

Hopefully your garden will be in full production, giving lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Sometimes though, there's too much and no-one wants to see any go to waste. Traditionally, jams and chutneys were made to preserve the harvest but we will expand on that and experiment with different sugars and vinegars to see how they affect taste, try different recipes for the same ingredient which will include jelly, cordial, relish and other interesting and unusual concoctions. The day will start with a walk to our forest garden and/or raised beds to collect some ingredients and will be hands on practical with lots of information to ensure successful preserving.

10am to 4pm

£60 per person including all preserves made on the day

Lunch and refreshments provided

For more information and a booking form please use the contact form

workday aug 2013.jpg

Workday - Sunday 3rd August 2014

Still more picking to be done in the Forest Garden, this time blackcurrants and redcurrants. Bring your sun hat and sun cream! Lunch for all workers. Arrive any time after 10am, we work until 4pm ish.

Please let us know if you are coming so we know how much lunch to make



Forest Garden Open Days - Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th August 2014

We get hundreds of requests from people who would like to come and have a look around our Forest Garden and have a chat about what we've done and how we've done it. Unfortunately we just don't have to time to do this and usually suggest people join us on a workday where they will be able to chat and see the Forest garden whilst helping us out. This year however, Rachel is organising a weekend where she will be on hand to do guided tours and answer any questions people may have. Full details to be confirmed but there will be a tour on both Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon, refreshments and possibly a chance to pick some of the produce (depending on size of harvest!). Suggested donation of £5 per person would be appreciated and you'll be welcome to bring a picnic to have by the pond.

More information to follow and will be detailed in the spring email news from Old Sleningford. Please use the contact form if you would like to be added to our mailing list.

workday Sept 2013.jpg

Workday - Sunday 7th September 2014

Another day to come and help at the farm, not sure of the jobs but this time last year we pulled all the onions, re-labelled apple trees, picked caterpillars off brassicas, weeded and picked apples. Anything could happen! Come anytime from 10am until 4pm, we provide lunch if you do some work.

Please let us know if you are coming so we know how much food to make


oak tree.jpg

Tree Medicine - Saturday 27th September 2014

A day devoted to getting to know some of our wonderful healing trees. Learn how to identify them, discover some folklore around each tree and explote their many healing properties. prepare and elderberry winter cold and flu tonic, and acorn antiseptic / antifungal rinse that can be used to stop bleeding and a medicine from willow that can act as a natural painkiller. This course will have a strong practical element - preparing remedies and getting out and about getting to know the trees.

The course is tutored by Ross Menzies , a Medical Herbalist based near Hexham. He has been in practice for over 15 years and uses mainly native plants and trees to treat many acute and chronic health imbalances. He is an experienced tutor and has a strng interest in wild foods as well as a deep belief that Nature can be a source of spiritual nourishment and inspiration.

If you are interested in this course, you may also be interested in the Hedgerow Foods and Medicines course on Saturday 17th May

10am to 4pm

For more information and a booking form, please use the contact form .


Birdwatching - Saturday 11th October 2014

How would you like to be able to identify the birds you see in your garden or at your local nature reserve? New to birdwatching or would you like to resume your hobby now that you have more time on your hands? By going out with a guide you will be able to gain or regain your confidence quickly and pick up where you left off.

There are many ways to appreciate birds, from the casual observer to the enthusiastic “twitcher”, you decide. The main thing is that you enjoy yourself and have fun. There is always something new to learn or something different to see, no matter how many years you have been watching birds.

Linda Jenkinson is running this one day class at Old Sleningford, see her website  for more information

10am to 4pm, £65 per person includes lunch and refreshments

juicing 13.jpg

Apple Juicing 2014

Dates to be confirmed when we know how large the apple harvest will be, but there will be various dates throughout September, October and November.



Art Courses at Old Slen Art

Juliet Ramsden has, for a number of years, organised a varied programme of art courses at the Stables Gallery at Old Sleningford Hall. See their website www.oldslen.co.uk for more details.